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‘I believe that everyone has the right to an opinion, unless your opinion is stupid’

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NOTE: This is more a stream of consciousness than anything, but I thought I would share it 🙂

I grew up learning that you should respect everyone’s opinions, no matter how different from your own it may be, respect is essential, however,  I was the quintessential gobby girl, who would happily call you out if you said something I believed to be out of line. Growing up, I quickly became the complete opposite, I am more open to other opinions and although I may not agree with what you’re saying I am more than happy to hear your point of view (makes for good conversation). Today, however I had a little flashback to my old self.  I saw a sexist (I am not sure if I should replace this word with silly, or badly written) article about the Women’s World Cup (see pic above) and thought, excuse me is this a joke?

Opinions are such weird things. We are taught to respect other people’s opinions and that everyone has the right to an opinion and that’s all dandy until you hear someone voice something absolutely ludicrous. The statement ‘I believe that everyone has the right to an opinion, unless your opinion is stupid’ plays through my mind sometimes. We live in a society where we are uncensored; we say whatever we want, whatever we believe to be true, but then what about when someone says something that seems illogical, biased and silly? Are their opinions less valid? Should they not be allowed to voice that opinion?

I’ve heard someone say, it’s fine to have that opinion but just keep it to yourself in order not to offend. But that makes me question, why are some opinions considered more worthy of voicing than others? A clear example of this in the world today is how willing our society is to shut down religious points of view altogether in favour of atheist ones. Isn’t that robbing religious people of the same freedom of speech that atheists, and in fact everyone, is entitled to?

Going back to the article someone may ask why he isn’t allowed to share his viewpoint because it’s a free country and he has free speech, but free speech is not an excuse to offend. Corrupt and demoralising messages are not condonable because of supposed free speech- this is what I believe to be true. But, then we are made to question what is corrupt and what is demoralising?

This post isn’t giving answers because I don’t have them. I feel that people should be allowed to have their own opinions and we are allowed to question those opinions and opinions are allowed to change. But let’s stop hiding under the guise of free speech just so that we can offend people (and what is offensive is unquestionable at times because when something is rude and disgraceful you know it).

Opinions are there for a reason, and as one of my friends says ‘you will never find two people who have the exact same opinions’ and in a post full of questions that is one thing that is 100% fact!

What do you feel about this, I would love to hear your opinions on this matter?

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Itunu 🙂



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