The Other Side of Free Speech on the Internet

Sherina’s views on free speech. Definitely worth a read!


First came free speech. Then came the Internet. Then came the seemingly inevitable amalgamation of the two: free speech on the Internet.  Free speech on the Internet is, unlike Schrodinger’s Cat, entirely alive. It is however, quite like Schrodinger’s Cat: it has two vastly different states of being, both of which exist at the same time.

The first one is the pleasant perspective; people sharing their thoughts in a positive manner and allowing productive discussion to ensue. This is part of what I aim to do with this blog – take advantage of the positive aspects of free speech on the web. I am able to use the freedom of speech I am fortunate to have to write my thoughts, and other people use their freedom of speech to respond with their own thoughts.

It is a basic premise but recently it has become evident that the negative side of…

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