Day 1: Channel Your Inner Child

Today I did my first day of volunteering at my church’s summer club. Walking into a room of children was quite intimidating simply because they were all so free and unedited. This, however, is the very aspect that made working with them that bit more exciting.

They went to the park, played foosball, watched movies, made their own games and friendship groups, and in those few hours of being with them it made me realise what I miss most about being a child- being unashamedly yourself.

If they were upset they cried, happy; they screamed with excitement, there was none of the teenage awkwardness, we have become accustomed to, of caring about who or what was around them. They just did what they wanted to do, regardless of who was with them or not, and enjoyed themselves.

Spending time volunteering in the summer club reinforced this devotional I read a few days ago (read here) which spoke about shaking off the self-consciousness of ‘but what will people think’ and just living.

So I take this advice and my experience today as a sign and my first lesson of this summer and every time I look at the loom band bracelet I made today (I just had to drop that in there. Some of the kids taught me how to make a bracelet and I am so happy about it) I will remember that to be truly happy, free and enjoy life you have to channel your inner child.

Itunu 🙂

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