Day 2: Politics, Plutocrats and On Beauty

Today was a relatively relaxed day. I had a lay in, went to the library, started some English work and watched My Sisters Keeper. After a long time battling with what degree to pursue at Uni next year, Politics is looking like a possibility; so having that kind of figured out and because I have had my eye on the book for a while (I think it was after watching The Super Rich and Us on BBC) I borrowed ‘Plutocrats: The rise of the new global super rich and the fall of everyone else’ by Chrystia Freeland.

I finished reading ‘On Beauty’ by Zadie Smith about a month ago; as it is on my reading list for AS English Lit and I fell in love with the story (will do a separate blog about this). Our focus for Year 13 is Love through the ages and because I am adamantly against putting markers in books (I need to get over this) I had to go through the book page after page to look for the relevant quotes to use when I get back to school.

My Sister’s Keeper was on in the background whilst I was doing my English work. It is a beautiful story and I have to watch it again with my full attention to fully appreciate it (will probably blog about it when I do).

All in all today has been very relaxing and since I put a lesson that I’ve learnt this summer in yesterdays post today I will put a quote from On Beauty that I really like:

‘Sometimes you meet someone and you just know that you’re totally connected. Even if they don’t recognise it you feel it. And in a lot of ways it don’t matter if they do or don’t see that for what it is-all you can do is put the feeling out there. That’s your duty. Then you just wait and see what comes back to you. That’s the deal’

and this lovely version of ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ by Greg Laswell from My Sister’s Keeper

Itunu 🙂




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