Day 3: Hair, 10 things I hate about You and Sleep

I bet you did the voice when you read that because I did #noshame

I woke up late this morning, first thing on my mind being ‘oh I didn’t post anything yesterday’. I fell asleep with my laptop by my side (see I had good intentions) but I was so tired that it lay there abandoned and I left you with no post.

But here it is!!!

Yesterday I went to get my hair done. For all of you who have had braids in you will know that is pretty much a whole day affair. My lovely friend who is off to Uni this Autumn (*cries*) did my hair. I got red and black braids (last minute decision because 1. I was feeling adventurous 2. Since I am not in school I thought if I look bad no one will see me). It’s taking a bit of getting used to because I usually just stick to black but I love the fact that from now on I can wake up knowing that I don’t have to battle with my natural hair. Who am I kidding, I gave up with that ages ago, I just put my hair up in a tight bun and let the rest of it go with the flow because you come to the realisation that no amount of bobby pins can tame afro hair, one strand of hair will find its way to stick out and you just accept and move on.

I went home and watched 10 things I hate about you (which is up there with Mean Girls and HSM) and it was weird thinking Gabrielle Union and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were my age at a point and they are still doing amazing things in the acting world. It also made me remember how obsessed I was with the 500 days of summer soundtrack a few months ago

and then I went to sleep.

I’ve decided to add a lesson to every Summer 2015 post so this is the lesson of today which came up in conversation:

You’ve got to see friends as value adding. Are they adding value to you or taking away from you.

Itunu 🙂




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