Day 4: Blogs, Emeli Sandé and VOTM

I spent the day reading blogs (,, listening to Emeli Sandé and finished writing quotes from On Beauty. The End.

That is basically all I did (oh and watched X-men)

I have a habit of making a mental check of achievements made in a day, whether it’s as simple as reading a few chapters of a book or getting ideas for blog posts, I have to go to sleep feeling like I made use of the day.

My Summer 2015 to-do list although not extensive, feels very long. Full of books to read and commitments to fulfil and my Jane Eyre essay (urgh!) and it seems that this one achievement a day mentality needs to be abandoned quickly, because I have to do some meticulous planning in order to tick everything on the list.

I am having so many thoughts about my blog and where I want to take it. I started it with a vague idea of what I wanted it to be; a platform to just be myself, and encourage people to do the same. To shatter the idea that we all fit into particular boxes and urge people to run away from the conventional and embrace the things that make them unconventional- the things that make them Mavericks.

This Summer I want to get more serious with blogging. So far 15 things Year 12 has taught me is the most read post on the site, followed by my piece on #iwillnotshare and I want to work on producing more engaging content for you. As well as my opinions, I want to share more about my interests and give you a bit of insight into me as a person and also encourage you to share your interests, blog posts, art, whatever it might be, with me.

So yeah, VOTM is still a baby blog and I thank everyone who has shared, commented on and encouraged me whether it’s on here, through social media or face to face. I want to make this blog better and better and get into a routine that will help me to write consistently. I am also open to ideas, if there are particular topics you want me to write about or things you want to know about me or even things about you that will be interesting to share- comment below, or tweet @voiceofthemav.

My lesson for today is different from the others it’s ‘My Kind of Love’ by Emeli Sandé. Gather from it what you will and enjoy because it’s such a beautiful song (and for any other Sandé fans she tweeted that she is working on a new album which I am very excited about).

Itunu 🙂




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