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Day 5: Intro: My Musical Journey

They are still friendship goals tbh

Note: This is an introduction into a blog series I am doing this summer, so is different from my previous Summer 2015 posts 🙂

I read an article about how a person’s taste in music and favourite songs can be a reflection of both their personality and state of mind. The article also suggested that the way people feel and think can be altered if they change the music that they listen to. It sounded very deep and psychological, and as a psychology student I was really attracted to the idea, but my critical self also saw it as quite a simplistic notion.

The whole thing, however, made me think a lot about the kind of music I listen to and why I listen to it and what it says about me as a person.

Music is such a big deal for everyone and there is the idea that music is an intrinsic part of the teenage experience especially. Adolescence is apparently a time that is full of locking yourself in your room listening to music, adopting behaviours or images presented in lyrics and music videos and becoming a die-hard fan-boy or girl. Although I can’t profess that my experience has been in alignment with that idea (for example I am not a fan of listening to music sitting on the bus or walking down the street) the topic of music has always been a weird but interesting one for me mainly because I don’t know a lot of people that like the same music that I do.

I have always refrained from stating that because of fear of sounding pretentious and also that phrase ‘no one is into my music’ is usually associated to those who are attracted to the obscure and underground, which isn’t really what I like.

I grew up on a diet of RnB and Gospel, like many people, with sprinkles of pop, hip-hop and afro beats. Destiny’s Child, Cleopatra, Spice Girls, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, P-Square, D’banj, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, R Kelly, Jojo, Usher, Neyo etc. Over time, although I could still, and do still, bash out a Destiny’s Child song, my musical tastes have been on a bit of a journey.

My love for gospel music has remained and it has set the standard of the type of music that I really enjoy listening to. I love the way gospel lyrics always have meaning and how they impact the way you think and feel and often articulate things that you don’t have the words to say. Growing up with gospel has served to make me really particular about lyrics, which I think is why I like some of the artists that I do.

Aside from gospel, I have gone through many phases musically. I went through a Janelle Monae period, and Mali Music, India Arie, Emeli Sandé , Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae, JP Cooper and Birdy. I liked the way I could be sitting there and not really listening but the lyrics meant something so they were so effortless to remember (not to say that I know the lyrics to everything yet). Then there are certain songs that I adore like Otis Redding- Change’s gonna come and Roberta Flack- The First time.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I am more obsessed with music than I tend to pass off and I would love to share that with you over this summer.

The more I think about it, the music and films that you are really interested in at certain points of your life can be a clearer reflection of who you are as a person than pictures or stories and like I said in my previous post, this blog aims to be a space where I can be myself and encourage you to do the same, so I would love you to come on this journey with me and share your musical journey with me.

P.S. The fact that I used the words adolescence and journey all in one post is making me laugh so much. I think all the talks in assemblies during 6th form are starting to rub off on me 🙂

Lesson of Today: You will hear the word journey a million times during assemblies and as much as you say the word annoys you it will find its way into your blog posts.


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