Day 10: Ant-Man, Josie Cunningham and BIG SMILES

I went to the cinema with my cousin today to watch Ant-Man. It was a last minute decision but a very good one. I had my reservations about Ant-Man, because of the name. I couldn’t help but think why on earth would you call a SUPERHERO Ant-Man, it really doesn’t sound heroic.

The movie, however, is really good; brilliant acting, brilliant concept and a really badass female lead, actress Evangeline Lilly. Ant-Man now holds a space in my heart with Spiderman and Thor.

I also watched ‘The most hated woman in Britain’, a Channel 4 documentary about Josie Cunningham who got breast enlargements on the NHS. It was very interesting to see how the media manipulates people and how ‘celebrities’ can manipulate the public.

I did a lot of praying and thinking about self-improvement and really enjoyed my day.


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