Day 7: Parliament, Art and Tagging the World

I went on a trip with my local youth council to The Houses of Parliament; took a few pictures on the way there of the beautiful architecture and thought I knew what to expect when I entered the building (since I had been to The Houses of Parliament two times before)…

…what I didn’t realise was the amount of amazing art-work stored in The Houses of Parliament. I fell in love with the painting below. The painting is of George VI, Queen Elizabeth the second’s father, and it caught my attention instantly because it just screamed royalty. With the royal attire, well thought-out pose and the brilliant paint work, I think the portrait is absolutely exquisite… 

…Although this painting (look below) did not strike me the way the one above did, it turned out to have a very interesting story. The painting is the work of artist Daniel Maclise and is described as ‘a detailed painting that depicts the meeting of Britain’s Duke of Wellington and Prussia’s Field Marshal Blücher at the end of the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815)’.

The tour guide explained how Maclise tended not to autograph his work instead he added little things in his paintings to indicate that they were created by him, like a graffiti tag. In the painting Maclise paints two subjects holding glasses of water which is obviously very odd on a battleground but an amazing way to tag his work…

…I don’t really know why but I found it so interesting how Maclise wanted to be identifiable but decided that he could achieve that without explicitly stating THIS WORK IS BY ME DANIEL MACLISE.

Maclise’s approach makes me remember when I gave in work for a group project without my name on it. When the teacher found out the work was mine she said ‘yeah I thought it was you’ because of my writing style.

Considering that I typed the piece and she was still able identify me, makes me think about how we all have a tag like Maclise’s glasses of water.

Whether it’s the distinctive laugh that makes you identifiable from a mile away, or fashion style, we all have something that makes us stand out and different from others.

Even if you haven’t found your tag be comforted in knowing that you definitely have one and that is what makes you and every single one of us all so beautiful.

Lesson of Today: I am reminded of the part in the movie Now is Good, when Adam (Jeremy Irvine) sprays Tessa’s (Dakota Fanning) name all over their town, because she wants to ‘put her name in the world’ before she dies.

So I guess my lesson of today is to find your tag and mark the world.

How are you planning to tag the world?

Feel free to comment, tweet @Voiceofthemav and share!

Itunu 🙂



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