Day 8: Volunteering and The Maritime Museum

I went to volunteering today and on my way there spent time reading Jane Eyre which I have been procrastinating about for ages. The story has got a bit more interesting and I hope to finish it by next week, or early part of the week after.

I talked to my friend about how I feel about results day next Thursday and we both agreed that we weren’t very scared, but just the thought of opening the results envelope was strangely more frightening than the grades in them.

Volunteering was fun, there was a lot more children than last time and we went to The Maritime Museum. There is an amazing part of the museum called The Great Map. The Great Map is an interactive map; there is a picture of a huge map on the ground and as you walk on the map with I pads different countries pop up on the I-pad map with information about that country. It was so cool!

Lesson of Today: More of a realisation, than a lesson but I really enjoy working with young children and I reckon I’ll volunteer next summer too.


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