Day 9: Volunteering and Musical Discoveries

Frances takes stirring first step with debut track ‘Grow’

Newbury songwriter- Frances

I went to volunteering again today. We spent time doing activities indoors, making food and decorating t-shirts, hats and bags. Despite all the mess, it was nice to see how creative all the kids were.

I started preparing my blog post for the ‘my musical journey’ blog series. Whilst going over conversations about conscious rap and just music in general- one line really stuck out to me ‘Kendrick and J Cole strive to tell a cohesive story with their albums’. It was like a light bulb moment because I had never considered albums as cohesive stories.

It was such an amazing moment, I felt like I had discovered something magical. I had to add so much more to the blog post after making this realisation and now feel like I can never look at music in the same way again.

Lesson of today: Some musicians strive to tell a cohesive story with their work and you should feel that when listening to their music.

Ooooh and I discovered this song, Grow by Frances, whilst I was blogging and I love it.


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