Day 14-17: Guess who’s back???

I’m baaaaaaaccccckkkkk.

I was feeling kind of icky early last week and didn’t really do anything (apart from watch The Real on BET,which is actually really good daytime TV).

I’m quite mindful of not spreading negativity when I am in a blurgh sort of mood, so decided to take a break from blogging.BUT I’M BACK!!!

I got my results on Thursday and started looking at ways to improve my study regime for the next school year. Had a cheeky Nandos on Saturday, or a Chandos (according to some, or maybe just one, anyway I heard it somewhere) and went to buy stuff for school.

So I’m back, not really sure what I’m going to blogging about for the next few weeks (apart from stuff for my musical blog series) as I have decided to take a relaxed approach to the next few weeks, in preparation for Year 13.

Perhaps the blog will just be little ramblings, or more pictures and videos, but we’ll see where the wind blows.

BEWARE: Jane Eyre might might be mentioned a few times as I am still trying to finish it for English Lit.

So forgive me for leaving you without posts for the past few days, but I am here now, and will write the two Sunday posts I have missed (Day 13 and 18).

Lesson of today or the past few days is from this beauty JESS GLYNNE!!!!


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