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*GUEST POST* Sherinaspeaks: Learning to Choose my Own Music

I’ve been on the blog-o-sphere for nearly 3 months and it has been AMAZING. One of the best things so far has been connecting with other bloggers and today I am bringing to you Voice of the Maverick’s FIRST GUEST POST.

From free speech in journalism, to lessons from Arianna Huffington , Canadian student Sherina covers a variety of topics on her great blog and today, as part the My Musical Journey blog series, Sherina writes about HER Musical Journey CHECK IT OUT:

I’ll never forget the look of disbelief on my friend’s mom’s face when she asked me, in third grade, what kind of music I listened to, and I told her I loved Shania Twain. She thought I was joking, so she replaced her shocked expression with one of laughter. I wasn’t joking, though: when I was little, my dad played Shania Twain for me all the time. In short, my younger sister and I were obsessed. We had all of her music videos on DVD, and we watched them over and over, and reenacted them in the living room.

I never grew out of my love for Shania Twain – on a recent family road trip, we played our old CDs and my sister and I remembered every lyric – but as I grew older and became more attentive to what my friends did, I became interested in other music. Anything on Disney channel was popular with the girls in my elementary school classes, and it didn’t take long for me to catch the bug too.

At that time, most of my favourite music was influenced by what was on Disney. I listened to Miley Cyrus, because she starred in Hannah Montana; I listened to Selena Gomez, because she played the main character on Wizards of Waverly Place; I listened to the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, because they each had their own show and were both in the movie Camp Rock.

My early love for country-pop music wasn’t apparent during the time I idolized Disney stars, but it never really left me. Around the same time I stopped watching the Disney channel, I was auditioning for a school play with some of my friends. They had chosen the song we would be auditioning with: You Belong With Me, by Taylor Swift.

I didn’t know the song at all, but as we rehearsed it feverishly and listened to it on repeat, I fell in love with it. Soon after, I bought the album it was from, Fearless, and since then I’ve been a huge T-Swift fan. At that time, her music was still classified as country (her album Red was a country-pop crossover, and her latest record 1989 was exclusively pop). I started listening to other country artists (who were arguably country-pop artists, as some of their music was played on radio stations alongside typical pop songs): my favourite was Lady Antebellum.

Now, my music preferences are all over the place; I’m not exactly sure how they got that way, but I’d like to attribute it to me realizing I should listen to what I want to listen to, not what my peers are listening to. I used to listen to pop playlists on Songza all the time – but I began to realize that although I could tolerate the songs, I often disliked the messages behind them and didn’t truly enjoy the music.

Armed with this realization, just a few weeks ago I downloaded the Spotify app and saved some albums and songs by artists I had been wanting to listen to: Hozier, Halsey, Echosmith, Imagine Dragons. Spotify recently released a new feature, to which I credit most (if not all) of my current songs. It’s called ‘Discover Weekly’, and it essentially creates a weekly mix of songs based on the artists you listen to. I don’t know how they got my mix so perfect, but they did – I love the songs, and I’d rather listen to my weekly pre-made playlist than a pop playlist anyday.

My musical journey hasn’t been a huge part of my life, but as I write this I can definitely say it’s been an interesting part of my life. In many ways, I like to think it mimics the lessons I learned in life as I grew older: most importantly, to not give into what other people are doing (or listening to) and choose your own music.

Can you relate to Sherina’s musical journey? When did you start ‘choosing your own music’?

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