An Update


I AM BACK. So school has started and I am in the process of devising a new way of blogging, so that I can keep up with school and all my other responsibilities and continue writing.
I have two things that I’m going to try out:
1.Uploading posts every other day; on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I will upload a blog post.
2. Writing during the week and doing a big upload every Sunday
I am going to try the first option and see how that works and if it doesn’t work well, I’ll try option two.
One of my aims is to blog consistently, because I am getting great feedback about the blog through comments on here and especially on social media and want to work on creating even better content on a regular basis.
For all my regular readers thank you for your love and support and if you’re not a regular reader, HI THERE and make sure you wander through the blog and follow me on WordPress and Twitter for notifications when I post something.
NOTE: I am working on how to actually use WordPress so I can update my #OWATM, Uplift, Visuals and Year Thirteen sections, so if they look a bit out of date right now, I’m working on it 🙂 
Have a wonderful week (and check out my blog post tomorrow).
May the odds be always in your favour 
 Itunu 🙂 


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