Global Goals Give Hope for the Future

I saw this piece after writing a blog post about Leaving a Legacy (you can check it out here https://voiceofthemaverick.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/itunu_speaks-leaving-a-legacy-ft-tfios-blackstar/) and it just amazed me how one person can spread such a positive and important message. I absolutely love this post Sherina!!!


Although I always try to be optimistic, I sometimes find it difficult to remain positive while considering all of the issues in our world. Today, this changed, because world leaders at the UN committed to the Global Goals. The Global Goals are 17 goals which promote sustainable development, and focus on three main pillars: ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and fixing climate change.


I haven’t seen this in the news as much as I expected to, so I thought it was important to write a blog post in case other people weren’t aware of the Global Goals. These goals are really significant because the public has stood behind their creation (people have been sharing selfies showing the goal they support on social media with #globalgoals). Furthermore, they are a way to hold governments accountable for the changes they make – or don’t make.

With regards to the…

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