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Adele ‘Hello’

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THE QUEEN OF MUSIC Adele has fully messed me up this evening with her new song ‘Hello’. She is the definition of a true artist. It is ALWAYS about the music with her, from ‘Chasing Pavements’ to ‘Skyfall’ Adele’s lyrics have always meant something. As a listener you appreciate and connect with her songs because you can tell that she means every single word. It is not so much about appealing to the consumer and giving them whatever the popular mainstream sound is, but Adele bares her soul and shares her experiences and you take it or leave it.

Note:The leave it was just for effect, you never ‘leave it’, take it is the only sensible choice.

I am a huge Adele fan, I often listen to her songs and live performances, my favourite being her performance of ‘Set fire to the rain’ in the Royal Albert Hall’.

The feels with her new song ‘Hello’ are indescribable. It’s like being thrown back to the very first time you heard Adele, but it has such a refreshing feel to it. There’s an element of maturity and a new perspective alongside the classic Adele sound we all know and love.

I am so in love with this song AND the music video. Tristan Wilds, who is known from 90210 (I know him from ‘The Secret Life of Bees’) is in the music video and some people are questioning why he is Adele’s love interest. I think it works. It all comes across as really authentic and he has a wonderful smile, which gives the video extra Brownie points. The flip up phones, the derelict phone box, the sepia tone, Adele singing in her furry coat with the leaves flying all around- it all works and I love it.

I’m super excited for her new album ’25’ coming out on the 20th of November, which someone, somewhere is going to buy me as an early Christmas present *hint* *hint*.

But yh this is me just being a major fan-girl, sorry not sorry.

I am now going back to listen to Hello for the millionth time and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen to it below and let me know what you think.

Keep Smiling!



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