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An ode to the weird friendship groups

Note: This is not actually an ode but it sounded pretty

In many teen/coming of age movies (I feel like I start so many things saying that), especially the ones that involve a school, we are thrown into the world of cliques. There are the hipsters, jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, rejects etc. Although it is easy to say that cliques do not apply in reality overtime I have discovered that these movies present actual school cliques albeit exaggerated versions.

I reckon you could assign labels, from the plethora of corny clique names, to many groups in your school but there are also a few groups that don’t really fit into a mould. These groups of friends have very different interests, styles and behave differently and sometimes you wonder how and why they are friends.

In my friendship group none of us are similar at all. At times it feels like someone chucked a person from various cliques into one group. Most of the time, however, it feels like we are the weirdos who didn’t fit into any group so just made friends with each other.

Nevertheless it’s quite rare to find a group like ours presented in a way where they actually want to be friends. It is often a strange turn of events or an adult’s attempt to ‘make them all get along’ that force people in friendship groups like mine to become actual pals. In Glee they are all thrown together to sing and in The Breakfast Club they are trapped in detention.

Growing up with tons of movies, books and TV shows that depicted the teenage experience as one you go through with your trusty group of clones makes not being in a clique seem strange. But I’ve come to a point where the whole idea of cliques doesn’t irritate as much as it used to.

There are cliques and that’s fine (and I don’t mean the cliques that isolate other people-that is NOT fine) but unlike cliques in movies they tend to be more nuanced and complex (remember the alternative kid that likes Bieber in my last post yh S/O to her). There are also weirdos, like my friends, who are extremely different and that is also fine.

*Side note* Visually I see it like this; cliques are like a packet of Tangfastics, they are different but they have the similarity of being covered in sugar. Whereas the group of friends that don’t have a label are a like a pick and mix; with the different colours and flavours, but they are equally amazing.

The awareness that there is an archetype of teenage friendship that I am not adhering to causes me to question myself at times. I fluctuate between wanting to and feeling that I have to, accept the archetype and find friends who are just like me but then I also really do not care at all.

I have come to realise (everyone says it, but now I know for myself) that being friends with people who help you to grow, and care about you and make you laugh should always be the main aim whether they’re similar to you or not.

So SHOUT OUT to my pick and mix friends and all of you in pick and mix friendship groups. You’re amazing and fabulous and wonderful and remember to always embrace yourself and your weird friends.

P.S. You can sit with us I was just playing

Are you in a ‘pick and mix’ friendship group? Can you relate to not fitting into a clique? Share, Like and Comment below. 

Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂




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