Of Undisputed Origin


Note: It’s been about a month since I posted something (I know I’m crying too) but I’m back and should be for a long time. Enjoy!

Authentic. This is one of my favourite words. It makes me think of something rustic and mahogany, something pure, something that you can create other things out of. Like the All Saints store, that just screams authentic to me. If I could make everything All Saints-esque I totally would.

The beauty and rawness of  authenticity is something that I have always wanted to tap in to.

This is the All Saints store i.e. My visual representation of the word Authentic 

Authentic is defined as ‘of undisputed origin’ (can we just applaud how MAGICAL the definition is). Undisputed is something that is undoubted and origin means where something begins. Therefore, authentic is ‘an undoubted beginning’.

The beginning is messy and uncertain but it is also full of untapped energy. The beginning is never perfect but  it’s the start of beautiful.

The theme  of the blog this month is ‘Of Undisputed Origin’ because I am always searching for something or someone that seems authentic to me. I have decided, however,that instead of doing that I want to BE an authentic voice (‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and all that lovely stuff- click here to see my post about this quote)

Authenticity is all around. I get authenticity from the Bible; Psalms, Proverbs and Parables and also Rookie Mag, Ted Talks, Tavi Gevinson, Zadie Smith, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, Kirk Franklin, Adele (everything). All these things and people seem real and honest and therefore authentic to me.

But as much as many of us crave authenticity we embrace pretension more openly. We filter our lives, blur the blemishes,  cut out the messy bits and throw on our best trainers and pretend we’re walking the straightest, most amazing path ever. There’s no record of us breaking down, getting angry,feeling helpless or even just being weird and goofy and different from how people expect us to be. We also don’t like other people being TOO open because that shows us too much about ourselves.

All I desire right now is to strive for authenticity. To be honest and real, and flawed and icky and goofy and everything! The hard thing, however, is to share your most authentic self. I didn’t want to blog or really write until I had everything relatively perfect. When I felt happy, had something super interesting to say, had an opinion, was finding school really easy and the list goes on. But the truth is it’s very rare that all these things are ticked at the same time and in waiting for perfection I was stopping myself from being honest and doing and being what and who I love.

So here I am! I’m going to be posting regularly again under the theme of ‘Of Undisputed Origin’ and I will also be encouraging you all to share things about what authenticity means to you, and who your most authentic self is and loads of other lovely stuff.

I guess this is a little project for December and what says festivity and embracing the end of 2015 like loving and appreciating yourself and the things around you.

P.S. If you’re a young blogger or you just want to write something, or create some art or whatever on the theme of authenticity and ‘An Undisputed Origin’ leave a comment below or tweet me on @Voiceofthemav  🙂

Keep Smiling and God bless!

Itunu x




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