UPDATE: Changing the WORLD

My post on ‘Changing the WORLD’ was pretty impulsive and I completely bombed in terms of punctuation and general coherence BUT you guys seemed to get it!

With the few people I have spoken to regarding the post the one thing that is evident is that young people DO want to make changes but they don’t know how to. Young people DO have dreams and goals that involve helping others, or have the potential of helping other people which is great! (so blurgh to everyone who thinks we’re  all horrible and selfish)

I have been asked ‘what EXACTLY do you  hope to do to CHANGE THE WORLD Itunu?’ and the truth is there is no clear cut plan. Right now it’s about gathering ideas, seeing what young people think and care about and also want they want to see change.

The best way I get to know about people is asking questions

So my question to you is: What life lesson, quote or value is so important to you that you would love to share to help our generation?

This can be something that changes the way our generation thinks or changes specific problems, so be as open and honest as you can.

You can comment, tweet, email, or write your own post and tag me in it it, so we can see your ideas.

I look forward to your responses

Keep Smiling

Itunu x











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