blog picNote: 15 year old Lucy  has dreams of creating a platform where teens can express their thoughts and feelings openly and get assistance and support. Whether it be music or art, she is a firm believer that people can share their thoughts and experiences through any medium. 

True to her word, Lucy got involved in my ‘Changing the WORLD’ project (which you can check out here) to share a quote that she believes will help our generation. Check it out!!!

What life lesson, quote or value is so important to you that you would love to share to help our generation?

I feel like the trust your struggle quote is the most important quote in the world. I understand that you’ve been through hell this year , and you’ve worked so hard but you just don’t seem to be getting what you deserve. Listen the best is yet to come , you need to trust yourself and believe better things will come .

You can’t accept to get the greatest if you don’t have patience.

Things will get better , a phrase I would use is “the storm will pass”. Everything will be okay soon I promise you. The devil wants you to give up but you need to believe in yourself and trust God. Whenever you feel down, cry it out, it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Believe that everything happens for a reason and it will be okay.

Remember everyone will go through “the big stage” and the big stage is to test your faith and your strength. If you fight through that test and come out stronger you will be able to face every challenge in this world and come out as a winner. Your struggle is helping you become who you are, trust it.


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