*GUEST POST* This is your LIFE.


This is your LIFE

Note: This is Giulia’s second guest post for Voice of the Maverick. Just in case you didn’t know already Giulia is my favourite teen blogger and has been a massive inspiration to me. She is so honest in her writing and it is BEAUTIFUL. Check out her blog here. 

Giulia got involved in my ‘Changing the WORLD’ project (which you can check out here) and shared a quote that she believes will help our generation. Check it out.

I absolutely love this quote for its empowering force. It urges us to seize the impulse we need in order to follow our dreams and live the life we aspire to.

It often takes time to realize that we are the ones in control. We own the power to change. After all, we are in control of our life no matter the circumstances. We believe that we are too young or too weak to take actions. But up to a certain point, we always have the power to turn things the way we want to. Even life’s misfortunes may help us reconstruct things around the basic mantras we believe in and wish to pursue. Of course, we cannot change everything in a day and a plan will always be useful. We just have to realize that it may start from the tiniest step taken. We must be daring to take a few ‘risks’ which in years will be described as mere steps.

Changing your life doesn’t not necessarily mean quitting your job or dropping out of university one day and being on a train running to your dream destination the next day with your last five bucks in the pocket, the only savings you had left. It actually really does start with the tiniest change possible in your life.

You’ve always feared going for a seemingly romantic evening walk on your own? Take your headphones and take power over the fear. Do it.

You’ve been dreaming of visiting China since childhood? Get a part-time job if needed and start saving right now. Focus on the goal.

Do take the first steps.

Whatever the dream you cherish, whatever fear you want to overcome — it all starts now, the minute you’re thinking about it. Get up and take action. Be brave and believe in yourself. Plan. Reflect. And never stop dreaming about it.

 This is the only way change will come.

For more from Giulia check out her blog.


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