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Happy New Year!!!

It’s 2016!!! Happy New Year everyone.

I started blogging mid last year when I finished my exams and had nothing to do  and starting it was one of the most beautiful parts of 2015.

Blogging has given me a space to share my views, connect with people- whether that’s friends, acquaintances or other bloggers and I have also learned A LOT. From ramblings about life, school and random beautiful things to topics on race , religioneducation and feminism – I have really enjoyed  writing, researching for and crafting posts- oh and the conversations they brought up with friends and other bloggers was definitely a highlight of 2015.

I had guest bloggers from the UK ( Click here to see the 2nd UK guest blogger), France, Canada and America, started a blog project and wrote for three other blogs* and I’m so excited to blog this year.

Thank you to all  you wonderful people who read my posts last year and if this is your first time on my blog, Hi!!!

I’m going to be documenting my last year of school, launching the ‘Be a Maverick’ project (as part of the ‘Changing the WORLD’ project I started in 2015). I am also going to continue with the ‘My musical journey’ , and ‘Of Undisputed Origin’ project. I’m going to be writing a lot more- hopefully once a week (at least).

This was just a post to say HELLO I’M BACK and I hope this year is beautiful for us all.

Oooh and if you’re interested in writing a guest post or would like me to write something for your blog, website or organisation contact me (see below for contact details)

Spice UK Online, UCAS Blog, Shift UK Online

I take random pictures all the time and here are some from 2015 (plus beautiful quotes from my guest bloggers) :





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