Since it’s a New Year I figured that it would be good to share a bit more about me as owner of this blog so that you, my beautiful readers,  get to know me a bit more. Enjoy!!!


This is me (This is real, this is me, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now, Gonna let the light, shine on meeeeeee #DisneyThrowback)

  1. I’m a Christian
  2. I’m really weird
  3. I love musicals (one of my friends is a Theatre Geek so she will probably punch me because by musicals I mean anything that has singing in it: Disney movies, Dreamgirls, HSM,Bugsy Malone,Hairspray, SISTER ACT)
  4. I like running (it’s really freeing)
  5. Writing and Talking are my favourite things to do.
  6. I like talking about race and the education system the most
  7. I’ve wanted to be a journalist for ages (started a newspaper in my Primary School, went to journalism summer school in 2014 and got my work published in a Nigerian newspaper in 2015)
  8. 90s Fashion = Eternal Happiness
  9. 90s Girl groups= Eternal Happiness
  10. 90s RnB Slow Jams= Eternal Happiness
  11. I have a younger brother
  12. ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole and ‘Do my thing’ by Estelle and Janelle Monae are my favourite songs
  13. JP Cooper and Alessia Cara are my favourite singers
  14. I study English Literature, History and Psychology
  15. My favourite colours are blue and orange
  16. I go to an all-girls school (mixed 6th form)
  17. I’m the Head Girl (actually one of two Head Girls with my beautiful friend Emily 🙂 )
  18. I have done a few poetry recitals
  19. I love watching movies, cinemas=paradise and watching movies at night is great
  20. I love the movies Coach Carter, Freedom Writers, Sister Act, The Kings of Summer and According to Greta
  21. I have a really strange LOVE for Transformers (my friend calls me an 8 year old boy because of it)
  22. I am a big fan of pretty cars (Lamborghini’s all the way)
  23. I don’t really have a sense of humour, I just laugh all the time
  24. I really value alone time
  25. Flurry, Scripturient, Serendipity and Authentic are my favourite words
  27. I like cleaning (my parents would probably laugh at this one but with the right music, I find cleaning really fun)
  28. I like listening to people and hearing different opinions- honestly get so much happiness from it (unless your opinions are in the ewww category- then eww)
  29. I would like to make a living out of writing and talking
  30. I can’t swim (It’s more like a fear of drowning BUT I am determined to get over it)
  31. Oprah, Tavi Gevinson, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Zadie Smith are my Girl Crushes
  32.  I love YouTubers Lilly Singh and Miranda Sings (they are straight up weirdos AND they are genuine and funny)
  33. I’m a feminist
  34. Hoop earrings and I are besties
  35. The word ‘woke’ annoys me (the meaning doesn’t but I don’t like the word- like were you asleep before, don’t get it)
  36. I love Amy Winehouse and Janelle Monae’s aesthetic
  37. I’m a huge cheerleader (I love supporting people and helping them feel more confident with their abilities and talents- if I was flexible and cheerleading was a thing in the UK I would be an actual cheerleader)
  38. I’m not flexible (I struggle to do rolie-polies, it’s really sad)
  39. The Strivers Row are my favourite poetry collective
  40. Miles Hodges, Suli Breaks, Tucker Bryant and George the Poet are my favourite spoken word poets
  41. I love watching The Apprentice and Dragons Den
  42. If ‘you are what you eat’ was a fact I would be a biscuit
  43. My ideal day is one which involves lots of food, movies, good conversation and writing (I’m low maintenance or lazy-not sure which one)
  44. I love watching re-runs of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, ‘My Wife and Kids’ and ‘Runs House’
  45. I was a Nickelodeon and Disney Kid
  46. I LOVE the theme tune to ‘Phineas and Ferb’
  47. I think identical twins are the cutest thing ever
  48. I love watching TED Talks
  49. Representation is really important to me
  50. I would love to see more diversity in positions of power
  51. I have a really loud, dorky laugh
  52. I have always wanted to be besties with a singer/rapper and watch the whole process of them making an album
  53. ‘Let me love you’ by Mario is my favourite throwback song
  54. A Thousand Splendid Suns is the first book that ever made me cry
  55. The Pursuit of Happiness is the first movie that made me cry
  56. I’m super emosh (when people sing, dance, read poetry or do something really inspirational, I start tearing up)
  57. I like watching documentaries
  58. My birthday is in JANUARY
  59. I always wonder what I would look like with a shaved head
  60. Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol are my favourite artists
  61. I love watching adverts (good ones)
  62. I am a proud Nigerian
  63. I used to really want slits in my eyebrows like an old-school rapper
  64. Snickers and Doubles Deckers are my favourite chocolates
  65. I blog for UCAS and Spice UK Online
  66. Twitter is my favourite social media platform
  67. I love the features section of magazines and newspapers
  68. Zadie Smith is my favourite author (Still have to read more of her books, but she is a FANTASTIC writer)
  69. ‘Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure’ is my favourite quote
  70. I have never flown a kite,roller-skated or climbed up a tree (apparently you’re supposed to do all these things as a child and I didn’t)
  71. I spent most of my childhood writing and drawing and being goofy
  72. Basketball in my favourite sport (I don’t know much about it, but I like how fast paced it is and I want to support a team and have a jersey)
  73. I like watching athletics on TV
  74. I don’t like Jelly or Custard
  75. I think ‘Humans of New York ‘is one of the best things ever
  76. Zoos and Aquariums=Eternal Happiness
  77. I would love to make a documentary
  78. I always wanted to be the Yellow Ranger in power rangers
  79. ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ is the funniest TV show ever
  80. I like Giraffes and Tigers
  81. I would love to ride an Elephant
  82. If I could go everywhere in my Pyjamas I totally would
  83. Everyone calls me by my middle name
  84. I have a really cute Bible which is called the ‘Girls life application study Bible (NLT)’- Buy it, it’s great!!!
  85. I love reading ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul’
  86. I watched a lot of talk shows as a child (‘The Real’ is my favourite talk show now)
  87. I love ‘The Goldbergs’
  88. I don’t like Horror movies
  89. Maths and Physics were my least favourite subjects
  90. Red Lipstick and Red Nail Varnish=Eternal Happiness
  91. Jesus is my Saviour
  92. #BlackLivesDOMatter
  93. Destiny’s Child were the best girl group ever
  94. Lip-sync Battles make me laugh
  95. ‘Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities- his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God’- Romans 1:20 (NLT) is my favourite scripture in the Bible
  96. Taina, The Cheetah Girls and Legally Blonde were my initiation into girl empowerment
  97. I love being a Black Girl
  98. I really like Soul Pancake
  99. The formula for a good friend according to moi Honest+Fun+Authentic= Good Friend
  100. I would love to spend my life creating things that challenge thought and initiate change.

So there it is 100 random things about me. Blogger or not you should try writing your own list, it’s really fun

Keep Smiling and God Bless

Itunu 🙂

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6 thoughts on “100 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME

    1. Aww thank you Lucy. Yeah I love biscuits. I did, hope you did too. Was actually about to comment on your latest blog post- I think it’s fab. Would love to hear more about York because I’m thinking of going there xxx

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