*GUEST POST* Failure doesn’t necessarily exist


Note: Cassandra is a 20-something year old English student and part-time freelance writer. I could do an intro about her as a writer but I think her words do a much better job than I could: 

I love learning through the chaos of the world, and writing about it to bring serenity to people. I want to share my thoughts to help, inspire, and encourage every unique individual.

Her blog ‘Whimsical Through Words’ is full of lovely inspirational posts and she is a beautiful writer.  

As part of my ‘Changing the WORLD’ project (which you can check out here) Cassandra shared something that she believes will help our generation. 

“What life lesson, quote, or value is so important to you that you would love to share to help our generation?”

How are we supposed to take failure? Are we supposed to dwell on it, cry, and just let it all out until we feel better? Or are we just supposed to go with the flow and not dwell on it, because it already happened.

To me, failure doesn’t necessarily exist.

You either try again or you don’t. And it’s okay whichever one you choose, because either way, whatever you choose that choice will lead you through another door, which will present you with new and exciting opportunities. You will get to experience a new adventure. If you try again, it will lead you through door A, and if you don’t try again, it will lead you through door B, which will be just as great as door A. You know why? Because it’s your choice.

Just because you don’t try again it doesn’t mean you will end up nowhere, all alone, and in a mind state of perpetual misery and failure. No. You will just become intellectually creative and do something else. You’re not a failure. It just means that maybe you didn’t succeed, because deep down you knew this wasn’t for you and you simply didn’t truly enjoy the thing you’re working so hard for.

So to me, and hopefully to all you wonderful souls out there, failure doesn’t necessarily exist. As long as you make something out of it, the thought of failure should never enter your mind.

Remember to check out and follow Cassandra’s blog here.


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