‘Do you love yourself?’

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The High Heeled Papergirl

‘Do you love yourself?’


Although its importance seems to have faded, this is a significant question. Now try and respond to it without having second thoughts.


If your answer is ‘yes’, people may link it to words such as ‘vanity’, ‘narcissism’ or ‘egomania’. However, if your answer tends to be more negative (followed by words like ‘except for’, ‘but’…) people most-likely won’t bother thinking of your level of self-esteem or confidence, believing it’s a standard.


Nowadays, a stigma is held on self-love. People are fooled into thinking that loving themselves is a harmful trait. But self-love is not about being self-absorbed or self-centered. In fact, as the 12th Edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary states:

Self-love[is] regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.


If you look at the issue from this perspective would you still draw a connection…

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