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My TEDxTeen Experience


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Last week I went to TEDxTeen!!!

Now anyone who knows me knows how much I adore TED Talks. I binge watch TED Talks about creativity, writing and a billion other things and I LOVE them. Therefore, when the opportunity came to attend TEDxTeen London I jumped, somersaulted, even sky dived at  it (because jumping really high on your bed counts as sky-diving).

And it did not disappoint.

For those of you who don’t know TED is “an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future.”

TEDx, however, is an independently organised TED event which is “designed to help communities, organisations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.”

The theme of TEDxTeen UK 2016 was “Untapped”, encouraging young people to harness their talents, skills and energy and use it to innovate, spread love and happiness and help others.

From Mukunda Angulo who used his imagination to cope with his challenging childhood to Kash Gaines who captures the beauty of the human experience through dance, I left TEDxTeen feeling a huge sense of invincibility.


Me feeling invincible ft. Raccoon on my head

Every speaker shared several nuggets of wisdom,18 year old Ciara Judge, however, said something that really stuck out to me:

‘We’re called Generation Y but how about Generation why not?’

In many ways this question was the whole essence of TEDxTeen. We may be told that as teenagers and young adults we can’t do certain things, but our response (and subsequent actions) should be WHY NOT?

I think the power of us millennials is in the amount of platforms we have to share our ideas and inventions. We don’t have to wait for opportunities, we can create them ourselves. Whether you start with a few materials and a glue gun, like Ann Makosinski or dive into dumpsters in order to spread a message against food wastage, like Rob Greenfield, we all have the power to be world-changers, trailblazers and fountains of awesomeness if we just tap into the energy within us.

All in all, I had a fabulous time at TEDxTeen. Alongside the wonderful speakers, the performers were also brilliant (I have been listening to Zak Abel all week).  I also got to meet the Senior Editor of Huffington Post’s Young Voices, Taylor Trudon (check out her TEDxTeen Talk titled ‘It’s all about words’, it is one of my favourites) and it led to an amazing opportunity:

I’m going to be a teen writer for MTV News’ new contributor platform!!! My first piece is going to be out on the 1st February (I’ll post a link on here). Make sure you give it a read, share, comment, like and all those lovely stuff 🙂

Have a wonderful week &

Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂

Half these pictures are incredibly blurry but I still love them.

‘We can jump in without the fear of making mistakes because if we do the only witness will be the four walls of our bedroom’- Ciara Judge

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5 thoughts on “My TEDxTeen Experience

  1. What a thought-provoking post! This is such a wonderful and awe-inspiring experience. Thanks for sharing it with us. And I can’t wait to read more of your pieces on that new platform!

    Giulia xxx

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