Who is in your circle?

“Sometimes it’s easy to look at friendship in terms of ‘my friends make me who I am’. But you also play a role in who they are” I love this piece. Check it out!


As a psychology student, I know that humans need companions. Socialisation is key and achieved through friendships, relationship and acquaintances. Many of us can confidently say we have friends in our lives who have impacted us for the better. Those people that just come to your rescue, uplift you when you were down and know your flaws yet still love you the same. But something that I have realised is not everyone in your life will build you positively. Some of the people who come into our lives are meant to stay for a season, to teach you something and then move on.

‘Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.’ The fact of the matter is, we all possess a little bit of the people we surround ourselves with. Be it the laugh of your secondary school friends, the caring attitude of your best…

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