Making A Change — Portrait series #1

The High Heeled Papergirl

Through this blog series, I am working towards shedding some light on people who are trying to make a change. Whether it be on the web or in their local community, by whatever means of action, and no matter what the initiative is, these individuals striving to make whatever change are not on all occasions acknowledge their goodwill and encouragement towards others. As it has always been an interest of mine — anyone can inspire their peers in the greatest way  — through these portraits, I intend on illustrating that whomever that is aspiring to make a difference, no matter how tiniest it can be, has the power to do so. These portraits will answer several questions, from the person’s own childhood dreams to the launch and the subsequent success of her project.


headshot-cropped© http://www.danidipirro.com

DANI DiPIRRO, author, blogger and designer, is the founder of

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