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Visuals Series


I am a really huge fan of visuals. Pretty pictures of people who look interesting (freckly faces and intriguing eyes and also photos of afro, natural hair are my thing atm) photos of cool places and nature also make me really happy. I hoard magazines because I’m a sucker for a beautiful layout and lovely glossy photographs. There was a point a few years ago where I had tons of magazine cuttings stuck on my wall, my favourite being this:



So because of this love for pretty pictures I have decided to start sharing some of my findings. Alongside this I am going to show you the art work of my friends (yay friends) because I am blessed with a few artsy people in my life.

SO ENJOY and feel free to comment below with any photographers, artists, , fashion designers etc. that you like, whether they are famous or not (it would be cool if they are YOUR friends, so I can promote their work). and I will check them out and share the websites, Flickr’s, Instagrams, Tumblr etc of the ones that I like. 

Ooooh and you can share your own work too!

Keep Smiling.

Itunu 🙂

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