Beating Revision Blues: My latest obsessions

When I first started this blog I had a section called ‘Things I’m Obsessed with at the moment’- the whole concept was a bit short lived because my ‘obsessions’ are often very fleeting and I go back to focusing on school or sleeping BUT recently there have been a few things that I  have got into AND they help beat revision blues Here it goes:

Ackee and Saltfish 

I don’t remember the first time I watched Ackee and Saltfish but it is a hilarious web series by UK Film-maker Cecile Emeke focused on two girlfriends and their antics. Very few things capture the essence of female friendship and show how silly and weird we can be but Ackee and Saltfish gets it right on so many levels.


OH MY GOODNESS. THIS. IS. FABULOUS. Gal-dem is an ‘online magazine written by women of colour for all to explore’. Magazine, check. Women of colour, check. ALL to explore, check. Gal-dem is everything I have ever wanted in a publication and I tear up thinking about how necessary and wonderful Gal- dem is.Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Patricia Bright

I have random moments when I watch YouTubers and  one of my favourites is Patricia Bright. I am more of a fan of her chatty videos just because I don’t really do fashion and make-up videos BUT she does all three types of videos and she is gorgeous. Her life is really interesting and she gives good advice- she has big sister vibes which I like. If you ever need a time to forget about revision or just relax watch her channel.

Nathan Zed

Nathan Zed can be extremely savage but he is absolutely hilarious. His YouTube Channel is great and his Twitter is even more fabulous plus he loves Zendaya almost as much as I do. Ooooh and BIG THING he is very ‘woke’ (urgh I can’t think of another word) but yeah he talks about politics and race and always puts a funny spin on everything. He’s fab check him out.


Getting Instagram was a very YOLO thing. I watched a video a while ago about a selfie a day project and I connected with the idea of documenting life through pictures. Plus in my family we take pictures ALL the time.

I decided I wanted to record my last few months at school and also have something that would force me to take pictures in general. I don’t upload very much on my Instagram tbh but I have made it a point to make my account reflect myself and all my silliness. I hope in the next few months I will upload more before I leave school (ooohhh and in summer with my summer body- filled with ice-cream and BARBECUE FOOOOODDDDD I’m so EXCITED). 

Advice: Take more photos of events, friends and a good ol’ selfie every now and then because it’s nice to look back at cute moments (even if you just keep it to yourself).

Live from Layfield

I only discovered this YouTube channel recently but I love it. Live from Layfield is run by three young women at University and they give their opinions and advice about various topics. Again like Patricia Bright they all have big sister vibes and they are really funny, I reckon I’ll be watching more of their videos in the near future. Make sure you check them out and subscribe to their channel.

Let’s Talk LDN 

This is a new YouTube Channel run by two girls Lynette and Ayo. Watching their channel is like watching two funny friends having a conversation and although it’s a baby YouTube channel I have really high hopes for the future of Let’s Talk LDN. Watch their videos and subscribe to their channel.

Make sure you check these out and let me know what you think and if you have any activity, blog, YouTube channel, book etc that helps you beat revision blues and relax during your little revision breaks comment below.

Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂

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