‘I belong to Christ’- pt2

Do not pick the easy way. Pick God and he will show you the way.


Giving my life to God at this time in my life has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me (Yes, its cliché but its the truth). Although this only happened a few months ago my life has blown up on so many levels and sometimes I’m left in awe like… This is absolutely nuts, the way God is working in my life. At first I felt almost undeserving because I thought to myself: ‘I have not lived my life for you Father but yet you still blessed my life before and now you are blessing it sevenfold… what have I done to deserve this?’ This just shows the unmeasurable love he has for us. So I’ll give a little background to my life to put this all into context. Before meeting God I lived life for the worldly pleasures(sex, girls, alcohol, clubbing and money sometimes). Coming to University…

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