The Power of Organisation

Tips on organisation during exam season. I needed this, you may need this too. Good Luck in your exams everyone ❤



I am writing this on the 5th of April which means but one thing. Exam season. This dreaded time is also the reason I have postponed writing on this blog as frequently as I wish to. During this time I have questioned if staying in University was the right choice and if I should be doing something else. Thankfully, I believe that everything worth having is hard to obtain. As a result of my trials and tribulations, I have discovered the magic of coping through this stressful time – The power of organisation.

I believe that when we are organised, we are able to take control of our lives. We all know the feeling of stress when we have postponed something till the very last minute. It’s a feeling that makes us feel as if we have failed, not because we are incapable; but because we have no optimised our…

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