Get ish done and be a star

Me and you on results day 

I’m really happy because I FEEL HAPPY. The period just before exams for the past two years is a blur and although I got through exams (and on to the next desired stage) if you asked me what happened ,besides revision and exams, during May-June 2014 and 2015 I won’t be able to recall much. I don’t  like that because you shouldn’t ever feel like you are putting your life on pause.  But for the first time ever I don’t feel that way, I feel completely present and I’m remembering to function as a member of society as opposed to being a recluse. Yay!

ANYWAY- preamble over. I feel happy, because I have got some work done this holiday and organised my stuff. I was beating myself up big time for just feeling crappy and still having tons of stuff to do BUT I read something that said count the small victories because they are still victories and now I feel better about myself.

*mini preamble once again* Also, I have found that reading old stuff I have written for UCAS and on this blog has helped me appreciate the progress I have made a lot more. So if you have a diary/blog/journal, even if it’s from a while ago, have a read and see how far you’ve come. If you don’t write things consider starting now even if it’s just bullet pointing your small victories everyday.

A big thing I have found useful, revision wise, is getting a list of the topics I need to learn and spending each day going through a few of them, using information in my folder to make notes for that subject. I’ve also borrowed folders from friends who write better notes than me and used them to aid my revision.

I am sort of looking forward to exams being over, I think I’m ready to leave my school and exist in a space with not as many restraints. I wonder how I will feel when I actually have my last day BUT that’s still some time away so it’s all good.

I feel happy. I’m trying to write a bit more, even just small catch up posts like this one, because writing is a huge contributing factor to my sunshine levels.

I will do a separate post by Friday on different things that are helping me stay happy during this period that may be of help to you too. Make sure you comment below on things that make YOU happy during exam/revision period.

Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂

P.S. I listen to music a lot when I write and I’m thinking of 1) Making a Voice of the Maverick Spotify mix 2) Connecting the Spotify mix to the blog so music plays when you click on the site.

Let me know what you guys think about me making a Spotify mix in the comment section below and also leave a comment if you know how I can connect Spotify to the blog.




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