Soul Food Sunday

The soul is your mind, emotions and will. Your mind; what you think about, emotions; how you feel, will; your actions (or what you want to do). Your soul essentially is what make you, YOU. So when you’re feeding the soul, you’re feeding your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Thoughts and feelings impact our actions and actions can either be positive or negative and have a beneficial or detrimental impact on you and those around you. For example when you harbour negative thoughts about someone and they make you feel irritated  you tend to act negatively towards them e.g. push them down the stairs accidentally on purpose.

So today I’m on a mission to prevent us from accidentally on purpose hospitalising people (and I think it’s necessary since the holidays are over) and give your soul a shot of good vibes and positive messages.


Soul Pancake 

It says soul in the name and it is my go to place for all things good vibes and thoughtful messages. Soul Pancake is amazing, in terms of really good vibes, Kid President is where it’s at. He’s so happy and adorable and a few mins of this little cuteness is sure to make you feel pretty sunny.

Tavi Gevinson 

Now this is a personal thing but I have dude love for this young woman and although she talks about so many things in this speech one thing stuck out to me; the idea of humanising your idols. She talks about looking at the people you fan-girl and fan-boy (fan-person???) over and instead of putting them on a pedestal remembering that you have a place right next to them. The whole thing reminded me of a quote that says: to become the person you’ve always wanted to be remember you’re already that person. (It’s such a great quote isn’t it)

Andra Day

She’s phenomenal. That’s all.

The Radical Self Love Manifesto

I heard about this on my friend Giulia’s blog. Check out the post here for a better understanding but it’s amazing (print it, make it your phone background, write it out, post it note it and put it on your mirror, it’s such a necessary manifesto)


Say Yes 

The lyrics and the whole vibe of this performance makes me so happy every time I watch it. *WHEN JESUS SAYS YES NOBODY CAN SAY NO* (Just pretend the asterisks’ are music notes)

And the best for last:

VaShawn Mitchell- Turning Around For Me

This lyrics of this song are beautiful and I think just internalising them, taking them to heart and believing the words to be true in your life is a good idea. Like fruit and veg for the soul.

*and a cheeky 6th soul food. Read this piece by my friend Sherina on keeping positive, it’s superb.

Comment below on what you think about my soul food selections and share your own songs, messages, speeches, quotes, books etc that feed your soul with happiness.

All the best for the new term at school, college and University

God bless you and Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂


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