Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Sometimes simply acknowledging your privileges, family, friends, mentors etc. is enough to put a smile on your face and make you feel really blessed. Everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about education and honestly sometimes I sit at school and I think ‘jheez  I complain about the computer being slow, but I have a computer to work on, I have a space dedicated to my year group for studying, I am a GIRL and I am getting an EDUCATION for FREE’ and I just take a moment to appreciate how blessed I am.

If you are reading this you also have one extra thing to be grateful for, you have sight, you have a phone, computer, laptop- you understand English, which is the third most spoken language in the world (so you can communicate with so many people across the world). I could literally go on. We have a lot to be thankful for, and I for one can get so wrapped up in what is rubbish in my life,the world or in the systems and institutions we have in place that I forget to be thankful.

So here are some things I am grateful for:


Some of my friends went on holiday during the Easter break and brought back cute little gifts for my friends and I. I got Russian Dolls from Russia (thanks Izzy x) , a cute little giraffe sculpture and bracelet from South Africa (thanks Ciara x). My cousin went to China and brought me 2 backpacks (and I am a HUGE backpack fan) and shoooeeesss (thanks Tinu x).

Unexpected Gifts

I also got a really unexpected gift. I tweeted about wanting to have a flower crown and go to a butterfly farm a while ago (I tweet the weirdest things) and my friend gave me a flower crown and made me a jar full of oragami butterflies. I walked home in the rain with a flower crown when I received it because I was so happy about it and have worn my crown at random times during this whole week- channelling my inner Frida Kahlo. Thank you Alice x


Making it through a week of school.

It’s that point in the school year that turning up to school, let alone going to lessons, is a huge deal. I’m so grateful to God that I got through the week in one piece.

Support Network

My local youth council are in the process on setting up an online support network for young people, by young people. The support network is going to be full of write-ups from various young people about topics from anxiety to school stress. We’re really hoping it will be a positive tool to promote healthy well-being for the young people in our town and beyond.

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Duo Sylvan Esso has been my soundtrack this week. NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert is one of my new favourite things- it consists of different artists of various musical genres giving a ‘tiny desk concert’ and I love it so much. Artists I love from Adele to Andra Day are on it and I have also discovered some new artists e.g. Sylvan Esso who are amazing. Check it out.

My Family 

Always got to appreciate the fam for dealing with my nonsense on a daily basis and especially my little brother for being the most adorable chocolate bear.

Things get hard sometimes and life can feel rubbish but we all have things to be grateful for and acknowledging them can be the sunshine we need on a cloudy day (yes I just made a reference to My Girl- I LOVE THAT SONG).

Note- #MimasMission:  This is one person who is using her privileges to help others. 17 year old Mima is raising money to go to Zimbabwe and help economically disenfranchised, vulnerable and orphaned children. I’m so inspired by this young woman, please show support by sharing her video on social media, along with #MimasMission and please donate, any little help will make a huge difference.

Click here to donate- watch her video below for more info and don’t forget to share


Have a lovely week.

God bless you and Keep Smiling

Itunu 🙂

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