The EU Referendum

Ok so my post today is going to read like a lot a mind blurgh because it’s about the EU Referendum.

Now, I avoided talking about the EU Referendum because I didn’t feel that I knew enough to talk about it. From the beginning my heart said that we should stay in the EU. As the debate progressed, I tried to watch conversations/debates (which were really arguments) about the EU Referendum but I got bored of how biased they were.

I found some information that showed a balanced argument and also considered who the advocates of the leave campaign were and what they were SAYING and DOING. From this I decided to follow my heart and vote remain.

I am currently sitting at home at 2am with the  news on and it has just HIT me that we may actually leave the EU and I am not happy about that. I feel like the world is globalised, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me; why would we want to just chill on our own??? and I also think that leaving the EU is giving a voice to ,and more space for, people who are very intolerant. (I have more reasons too e.g. Trade and the Erasmus programme (I’m going to Uni, so allow me) but you know voting has already been done and I don’t want to bore you with my reasons).

I wish I was more argumentative in favour of remaining but you know it’s important to give people free speech and space to mae their own decisions (hopefully I’ll be saying the same thing in a few hours).

I have admitted that I’m a very emotional political person. I don’t believe in doing things that are potentially destructive to others. I understand that there are certain things that Brexiters believe are beneficial to Brits e.g. more money for the NHS (although I am very sceptical of the figures that have been spread around) but the fact that we have seen prominent Brexiters for example demonise immigrants is a HUGE red flag to me.

Scare politics is real. Emotional manipulation in politics is real and what I have seen with many left wingers (because a lot of remain supporters are left wing) is that they don’t use emotional manipulation in the way the right wing are notorious for.

To be honest my whole thing about Brexit in a nutshell is that I honestly believe it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem– we can’t just shimmy back into the EU when we feel like it.

I really hope we do remain- I probably would have ‘live blogged’ if I could pull an all-nighter but I don’t know how long I’ll last. But yeah politics irritates me, because emotional manipulation by politicians in order to fulfil their own agendas is not right, but politics is a mess, that’s the beauty and the unbearable ugliness of it and I hope the right decision is made.

This will be very interesting to talk about when I start my Politics and International Relations degree this Autumn.

and plus WHO thought of the term Brexit, I am not a fan


Britain has left the EU. I am distraught. I stayed up all night and am so sad with the outcome. This is a win for scare politics. There were so many problems with both sides of the campaign- but the scaremongering and demonisation from the leave campaign was manipulative and appalling.

My generation are fearful of what this will mean for us. 48% of people, including myself, voted to stay in the EU. The risk didn’t seem worthwhile and trying to better relations in the EU seemed like such a better idea than leaving. Chuka Ummuna of the Labour Party said that this result has showed ‘a division in our country’ and the pound has plummeted to its lowest point since 1985. This is quite a sad thing to witness.

I don’t want to see a country that gives an even bigger platform for people like Nigel Farage who promote intolerance and division.

News outlets are saying we have voted to stay in the EU. But who is ‘we’? I am definitely not part of that we. Like said before, 48% of people did not want this, so although this was a democratic vote there was an almost a 50/50 split. So almost half of the WHOLE country did not want this at all.

I can’t fight democracy and I can’t reverse this situation. But we need to look at the UK and look critically at how divided we are and evidently how fearful many people are of many issues from the economy to immigration.

We also need to look at the remain campaign- they didn’t use scare politics in the way the leave campaign did but they still didn’t manage to convince more people to vote to stay.

We also need to look at the demographic of the voters, because there appears to be a clear correlation between education and income and the decision whether to stay or leave.

I would like to think I’m a forward-thinker but I can’t lie,  I am wholly displeased with the outcome of the referendum. But what next? How are we going to unite a country that is evidently very fearful and very divided?

This is what I am holding on to:

God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind Timothy 1:7 




2 thoughts on “The EU Referendum

  1. I wholeheartedly share your sentiment, it was a realllllll shame that night and I don’t feel like the campaign did the remain side enough justice. The benefits of staying are far beyond what was discussed and though I want to be respectful of leavers, I did not hear anything legitimate other than immigrants are bad and the eu is stealing all our money. Though unhappy I am jut going to let go and let God. There’s nothing I can do, well other than sign the petition (

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    1. ‘Let go and let God’ is really the best thing we can all do in this situation. Just signed the petition, thanks so much for sharing it and also thank you for your comment. God bless x


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