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The constant struggles of the pros and cons of humanity

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘faith in humanity’ several times and you’re probably wondering where the words ‘lost my’ have disappeared to. It seems that everyday you switch on the news, you scroll through social media or sometimes just step out of your house and something happens that makes you ‘lose your faith in humanity’.

Over the past few weeks with the killings of innocent lives in Orlando and the most recent out-pour of xenophobic attacks due to the EU Referendum results, I have definitely had a few ‘lost my faith in humanity’ moments. Just the mere thought that people can be and are so hateful  is enough to make you want to pack up your bags and move to the moon.

But alongside these catastrophic events there are the little everyday things that make me think ‘ah I love humans’ and these moments bring tears to my eyes (literally). Sitting on the bus and watching a mother leave her pram at the side to help a young mum carry her pram onto the bus. Hearing about my friends and peers ,who work hard, succeeding. Seeing people use their talents or influence to carry out positive change. All of this is enough for me to swiftly change from despising humanity to crying about how wonderful humanity can be.

The most recent ‘teary eyed’ moment for me was when Akon recieved a  BET Award for his ‘lighting Africa’project. Launced in 2014, Akon Lighting Africa aims to provide light for countries in Africa and his ‘projects now provides electricity in 14 African countries and employs over 5,000 mainly young people who install and maintain solar equipment’. In his acceptance speech he said

‘a gift that God gives you is always going to be your break towards escape, that gift ,if you focus on it, will get you out of whatever you pray to get out of and in return you bless back the way that God blessed you with that craft and allow it to bless others’ .

In a world where we a very critical of celebrities and ‘celebrities’ it was a ‘faith in humanity restoring’ moment to see someone use their platform to help others.

I often rant about the condition of the world and the behaviours and actions that ruin it. We are constantly bombarded with negative news and although I  don’t think  we should ignore it, we also shouldn’t let it absorb us. When we get wrapped up in the negatives, in the moments that make us question humanity we forget to do things to help the condition of the world.

It’s understandable to feel helpless and fearful*, to feel like you don’t have the potential to make changes or spread positivity and essentially ‘restore other people’s faith in humanity’ but YOU DO. Changing the world starts by changing your world, helping your community- donating  money, time or efforts into positive causes.

We are blessed with social media and can  use it as a positive tool, to promote and create positive messages, movements, charities etc. Even if you change one person’s mind, if you restore one person’s faith in humanity you have made a difference. And it’s a domino effect because love and positivity spreads more love and positivity.

I could attempt to write a brilliant conclusion but a friend sent me this and I think it suffices as a great way to round this up:

*For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7

Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂


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