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Hey guys!

So I’m going to keep this brief. So sorry that I haven’t been blogging recently, I’ve been really preoccupied with the campaign my friends and I have started and the recent horrific events that have been happening around the world.

Below is a breakdown of what I’ve been doing, where you can keep up to date with me and what I’ve been writing.

One is not enough Campaign (this is part of the Changing the world project I started last year) 

My friends and I have launched the One is not enough campaign to address the lack of representation of British BAMEs (Black,Asian and Minority Ethnic) in the media and school curriculum. We’ve been collecting stories from BAMEs around the UK as well as international stories to, about diversity and representation. Follow the One is not Enough blog, Instagram, Twitter and like our page on Facebook  to get involved and for updates. Make sure you share and comment too 🙂

Keep up to date with me:

I am very active on social media and often share my thoughts and feelings about world events as well as share things by people far more knowledgeable than myself so follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

My write ups 

Below are links to pieces I have written recently:

Diversity in Children’s publishing  for Spice UK Online

My reaction to the murder of Alton Sterling:

Hey everyone! Racial inequality is your problem too for Spice UK Online

The power of the girl squad for MissHeard Mag 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know that race and representation means a lot to me. Alongside this I care about girls’ education around the world, education in general and male mental health. ( I care about a lot of things- but these are my focus for now). So if you have any blogs or resources to share please do, so I can share them with others.

I want to make this blog a lot more conversational, hear different thoughts and opinions about a variety of things. Although the things mentioned above are my focus, if there is something you would like to see me write about. even if it is a question (like an Agony Aunt type thing) or my views about a movie, make-up, politics WHATEVER it may be, drop a suggestion in the comment section below now and I might just write about it.

Faith, Love and Hope but the greatest of these is LOVE 1 Corinthians 13:13

Keep Smiling!

Itunu 🙂



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