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I’m changing my blog & need your help

I did an 100 random things about me at the start of the year because I wanted you my readers to know more about me and I thought if there were any similarities between us we could have a SNAP! moment. Now, we’re half way through the year I feel like you deserve another update about me and my blog (because 6 months really changes a young soul like mine *looks into the distance*)

The more I write and grow I realise that it’s really difficult to follow a set path for this blog. When I started off  I wrote about everything and anything because I didn’t really think anyone was reading. Then school started and I stopped blogging for a while. However, I recently read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (it’s a really good book) and the main character Ifemelu has the most amazing blog. Her blog is full of her musings and observations of America from the perspective of a Nigerian who has moved to America.

The idea of writing about my observations of the world from the perspective of an 18 year old British-Nigerian girl and being really honest about my ideas, thoughts and feelings really appeals to me and I think that is the direction I want to take this blog.

So this is where you come in:

Even if you’re new to my blog (check out the 100 things about me to get to know me), you’ve read a few of my stuff either on here or the other platforms I write for (MTV, Spice UK Online, UCAS) or you’re like a dedicated reader (lol) what would you like to hear my opinions on? What questions do you have for me? What topics would you like me to write about? If I was your Agony Aunt what advice would you want from me?

Like I said this blog is now going  to be focused on my observation and musings of the world and it’s going to be as honest as possible, so really go for it with your suggestions, like nothing rude or nasty (we good peoples over here) but don’t hold back.

Although I can’t promise that I will definitely write about what you’ve suggested (because I want to do every topic/question justice) I really want to hear from you. So leave a comment in the comment section below, or tweet me @iTunu_Speaks, look forward to hearing from you

Twitter: @iTunu_Speaks 

Instagram: eliza_itunu




2 thoughts on “I’m changing my blog & need your help

  1. Hey there.

    It’s a lovely blog that you have. I was wondering, since you talk a lot about what you think about other things, I want to know a little bit about you. What have you never done, but what to do in your life? What inspires you and what makes you happy?

    Keep what you doing, because you’re doing just great!

    Have a wonderful day,


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