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Thank you to the blogger Ivana for asking me the following questions :

What have you never done, but what to do in your life?

Ahh so many things. Little things are; going rollerblading, flying a kite and climbing up a tree. I didn’t do those things when I was a child and I don’t know why but hopefully before the end of this year I will do them.

I would love to make a documentary (or multiple). Keep a journal. Paint a picture on a canvas. Run a Marathon. Watch the whole process of an amazing musician that I like making an album.

What inspires you?

Honestly people inspire me the most. I love hearing people’s stories, thoughts and opinions about things. Everyone has a story to share and you can learn so much from others, so a lot of inspiration comes from conversations with and stories about people.

What makes you happy?

This one deserves an expansive list:

  • GOD
  • Going to church
  • My family
  • My little brother and my cousin (my favourites)
  • My friends
  • Good conversation
  • Seeing other people succeed
  • Watching people do/ talk about something they are passionate about
  • A good movie
  • Listening to music
  • Gospel music
  • RnB Throwback songs
  • Things that make me THINK (make me a critical thinker)
  • A really good lesson at school (that’s super nerdy, but sometimes when a teacher does a good lesson it actually makes me feel so happy, like wow I learnt something AND I enjoyed myself- S/O to Psychology and English)
  • When other people are happy
  • When I see another girl SLAY
  • Loving people around me
  • Dungarees
  • Laughing (like when it makes you lose your breath and you can’t stop, especially if it’s with someone else)
  • My pyjamas (the love is so real)
  • Good interviews
  • One thing that makes me super happy is when people step into their truth. There are moments when you see someone do something and they have like passion in their eyes, and it is so magical. Like for example I saw twin sisters dancing at a show, they were doing like a traditional dance from their country and they were so good and so happy and I was tearing up because it was so beautiful. If I could bundle all the moments where people ‘step into their truth’/share their gifts and talents things I would be so satisfied.

Do you have any questions you would like to ask? Leave them in the comment section below.

God Bless


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