Hi there! My name is Itunu (ee-to-nu) and I’m 18.  I love writing and talking and hope to spend my life creating things that challenge thought and initiate change.

I’m a bit of a cheerleader (without the little outfit and pom-poms ) because I’m all about community and encouraging people to become the best versions of themselves.

There is a quote from ‘My So Called Life’ that says ‘people are always saying that you should be yourself, like yourself is a definite thing, like a toaster’ and that resonates with me. The reason being, my behaviour and interests are always changing  because I am a person and I change.

However, I know that I will ALWAYS love writing and connecting with different people, so make sure you comment and share my posts, connect with me on social media (details below) and also share your ideas and write-ups with me.

But back to the quote, ‘myself’ is not a definite thing so please don’t be surprised if my views or interests  change as you become a loyal reader of my blog (because I know you’re going to follow my blog *hint, hint*) because we’re all on a journey (cue atmospheric music) and I would love for us to go on this journey together.

Keep Smiling!


P.S. If you’re interested in me getting involved with your organisation, blog, movement etc. contact me 🙂

Check out the publications I write and have written for, :

MTV Founders

The Move Hub

UCAS Progress 

Spice UK Online

Shift UK Online

This Day Nigeria

Affinity Mag


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5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I absolutely love your blog! It’s full of inspiration and really good writing, and as an aspiring writer, I can totally identify with you. As a high school freshman, things are so confusing right now but I hope that whatever I do in my life will somehow involve writing. The only reason I even started a blog was to keep up with writing in the midst of all the other things that require my time (school, violin, dance, family, etc.) but even though it’s been really hard to keep up with it I’m so glad I have a place to express myself.

    Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!


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