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*GUEST POST* Sherinaspeaks: Learning to Choose my Own Music

I’ve been on the blog-o-sphere for nearly 3 months and it has been AMAZING. One of the best things so far has been connecting with other bloggers and today I am bringing to you Voice of the Maverick’s FIRST GUEST POST. From free speech in journalism, to lessons from Arianna Huffington , Canadian student Sherina covers a… Continue reading *GUEST POST* Sherinaspeaks: Learning to Choose my Own Music


‘On Beauty’ and Conscious Rap

RUN DMC-Rev Run is absolutely BOSS Right, I thought I’ll start off my musical journey blog series with a genre that has been on my mind recently-Hip-Hop. Just over a month ago I read On Beauty by Zadie Smith. The novel is about the Belsey family; a British/American family who live in the US (thanks… Continue reading ‘On Beauty’ and Conscious Rap

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Day 5: Intro: My Musical Journey

They are still friendship goals tbh Note: This is an introduction into a blog series I am doing this summer, so is different from my previous Summer 2015 posts 🙂 I read an article about how a person’s taste in music and favourite songs can be a reflection of both their personality and state of… Continue reading Day 5: Intro: My Musical Journey