NOTE: This is an extract from a post I wrote for my old blog but I think it’s still relevant now.

In her TED Talk: How to stop screwing yourself over, Mel Robbins spoke about the importance of not focusing solely and your feelings and forcing yourself to go out and get what you want. She said that ‘if you listen to how you feel when it comes to what you want, you will not get it because you will never feel like it’. That was the point I was like ooh she’s talking to me. I am an expert at not doing something until I feel like doing it, whether it is school work or writing, if I’m not feeling all flowery and happy, with a packet of biscuits and an India Arie soundtrack playing in the background, then nope, I am not doing anything. Robbins made me realise that this needs to stop (not the eating biscuits part because that is a given when doing anything. Biscuits=Maximum Productivity) and whatever your ‘not doing it until I feel like it’ is, that needs to stop too.

STOP waiting, start creating. Start actually doing what you want to do, start pursuing your dreams and goals because you have the ideas and the passion, now all that’s left is the actions to match it (this is obviously an assumption, if you do have the actions to match then you go glen coco). You’re not always going to have the moment when you feel like waking up to go to swimming practice, dancing after school or revision sessions at lunchtime, but you have to force yourself, because if you keep on waiting to feel like doing things then you won’t do anything.

So, that’s my dose of #itunuspiration, please check out the video below it will help you to understand how to effectively change your mindset to go out and get what you want.

(You can start at 9:47 ,that’s where the main point starts)

Persistence overcomes resistance
 Saw this on the YouTube comments and feel like it summarises the talk perfectly:)

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